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Thank you for joining and listening to our podcast show.  We aim to introduce you to first-time Children’s Book Authors and The Story Behind the Story.

On the CBC Radio Station based out of Calgary, the Host of The HomeStretch, Chris dela Torre, interviews children’s book authors, Granddaughter Kyra Dumoulin and Grandfather Papa Rick Harris. Papa Rick: Hi, Chris. Kyra: Thank you for having us. Chris: Thank you for joining us. And congrats to you both on the book. Rick, I’ll...
Papa Rick: Hi Folks. How are you doing? You’re listening to the story behind the story, Laughter in Learning. I’m pleased to introduce you to our youngest grandson, Cooper. Cooper is the inspiration and a contributor behind the story Laughter in Learning and is the narrator of the audiobook Laughter in Learning. Because our stories...
Introduction Before Show Notes Papa Rick interviews his middle granddaughter Bailey and how they turned their High Jinks at the Canmore Folk Music Festival into their second title in The Adventures of Kaboose, the Rocky Mountain Bear book series. Bailey and Papa Rick talk about how an event-filled week created the story. They discuss how...
Papa Rick interviews his granddaughter and co-author of their children’s book, The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear, and the inspiration and the story behind how they brought their book to life. Suppose you want to write, publish and market your children’s book. In that case, this episode is for you or if you...
Episode One – Adventures in the Heart of Children’s Book Authors, The Story Behind the Story Welcome to Episode One of Adventures in the Heart of Children’s Book Authors podcast. The idea for this podcast show resulted from our journey to become a published Children’s Book author.  When we started our journey to publishing our...

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We ask each children’s book author their “Story Behind the Story” about their main characters, central theme, lessons shared, a typical day of writing, their definition of success, and so much more, including:

  • Who motivated the author to write a children’s book?
  • What happened in their life to write their first book?
  • When did they decide to write their first book?
  • Where did this happen?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How did they go about making it happen?

Enjoy the listen, and whenever possible, purchase our guest book and recommend it to your friends. (Find the link to their book in the show notes of each episode)