About the Authors

Papa Rick Harris and Kyra Dumoulin are children’s book authors. They are passionate about teaching children adventure-filled outdoor recreational life lessons through their fun-filled memories that they turned into imaginative children’s books.

Papa Rick Harris 

Papa Rick has lived an adventure-filled life travelling to many parts of the world. However, his favourite place is in his backyard, the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

 In 2003, something extraordinary changed his life forever: the birth of his first of five grandchildren, Kyra.

Today, Rick is the author of several non-fiction books. He is now writing with his grandchildren to bring their Rocky Mountain adventures to life through the book and audiobook series The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear.


Kyra Dumoulin

The inspiration behind The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear.

Even before Kyra was born, she spent time in her mommy’s tummy along the banks of the Bow River in the Rocky Mountains.

 Kyra has had many adventures with her grandpa, who affectionately named Papa, in the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains, living in harmony with Mother Nature.

Rick’s other grandchildren, Kyra’s cousins, Leland, Bailey, and Cooper, and sister, Kaitlyn, take an active role in the production of the audiobook series, including narration, editing, and new storylines for books in The Adventures of Kaboose, the Rocky Mountain Bear.  

Our Mission: “To provide physical, mental, and spiritual guidance by embracing the great outdoors and living in harmony with Mother Nature.”

What Readers' Reviews are Saying

"As an Early Childhood Educator, I also appreciate that over and above recounting of a story- the book also creates opportunity to "engage" the reader in recollecting childhood memories of their own, through words and drawings that can be added in the form of a reflective journal entry at the end of the story"

Corine F. ★★★★★

"Beautiful children’s book! This book was so adorable! Very well written and easy to follow for the children! I can’t wait to watch the adventures grow in the DIY part of the story. I’ll cherish this forever."

Trent ★★★★★

"Adorable. Love it!! Such a cute story with adorable illustrations."

Rllreich ★★★★★

"AMAZING BOOK!!! I think that The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear is a great children’s book because it has its own unique way of tying in history and culture of the Rocky Mountains as well, for its touch on nature. It will give kids a new approach to learning about history and nature. I can’t wait for more books in this series!!!"

Tkarp ★★★★★
The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear Book Series

Rocky Mountain Family Activity Books

Watch for the release of the next book in the series, The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear, entitled “High Jinks at the Big Head Folk Music Festival.”