The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear Book Series

Guide Your Young Children to Discover Outdoor Recreational Adventures and Activities

Storytelling Originated with Visual Stories, such as Cave Drawings and then shifted to the Spoken Word, Passed Down from Generation to Generation by word of mouth.

The Adventures of Kaboose, the Rocky Mountain Bear, is a modern take on storytelling through the eyes and words of an adventurous bear named Kaboose.

Through the spirit of this Children’s Book, words are combined into narratives, weaving written and illustrations into a fun-filled adventure story.

The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear Book Series

Heartfelt Adventures in the Rocky Mountains

Our first book, The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear, is written to inspire young children to embrace Mother Nature in all her beauty and enjoy the many adventures she has to offer.

The idea for The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear came from our oldest granddaughter, Kyra, her cousins, Leland, Bailey, Cooper and her sister, Kaitlyn.

We wish you to have as much fun as we did live the unique experiences that inspired our writing.

Today, technology is part of our lives, and we can integrate it into our adventures. We encourage you to use a tech tool to record your family’s adventures with Mother Nature.

Revisiting these memories will help you write and sketch your stories to share.

Each book in our series will include Family Activity Pages to guide your little ones to capture their adventures in words and drawings

Letter from the Canmore* Mayor

( *Kaboose’s Fictional Town of Big Head) 

Hi Rick, Kyra . . . and Kaboose!

 On behalf of Council, thanks for letting us know about your collaboration with respect to children’s books and the Adventures of Kaboose in the Bow Valley.  Such fun!!

I listened to your radio clip, and was impressed as how well spoken and passionate both of you are.

Thanks for representing Canmore and the Bow Valley so well, and we wish you continued success.

Best regards,

Mayor Sean Krausert (he/him)

Town of Canmore

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The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear Book Series

Rocky Mountain Family Activity Books

Watch for the release of the next book in the series, The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear, entitled “High Jinks at the Big Head Folk Music Festival.”

What Readers' Reviews are Saying

"As an Early Childhood Educator, I also appreciate that over and above recounting of a story- the book also creates opportunity to "engage" the reader in recollecting childhood memories of their own, through words and drawings that can be added in the form of a reflective journal entry at the end of the story"

Corine F. ★★★★★

"Beautiful children’s book! This book was so adorable! Very well written and easy to follow for the children! I can’t wait to watch the adventures grow in the DIY part of the story. I’ll cherish this forever."

Trent ★★★★★

"Adorable. Love it!! Such a cute story with adorable illustrations."

Rllreich ★★★★★

"AMAZING BOOK!!! I think that The Adventures of Kaboose the Rocky Mountain Bear is a great children’s book because it has its own unique way of tying in history and culture of the Rocky Mountains as well, for its touch on nature. It will give kids a new approach to learning about history and nature. I can’t wait for more books in this series!!!"

Tkarp ★★★★★